Friday, 14 December 2012

Anthropologie Spring Winter

Here I chose Anthropologie to base a my Spring window idea on. I've created 'roots' that would be crafted out of wire, paper mache and paint. I have chosen this as it could bring a lot of depth, colour and motion to the window.

Urban Outfitters Autumn/Winter Window

Here I have come up with an instillation idea for Urban Outfitters. 
The outfit dress on the mannequin is a smart/casual outfit to be worn on a Christmas evening ‘do’. 
The idea of the concept is to reflect Urban Outfitters’ reoccurring references to aztec/ ethnic prints. It also in keeping with the Christmas theme - by using iconography of the idea of ‘angels’. The structure of the feathers falling also gives the motion of snow, which again, is in keeping with traditional Christmas visuals. 

Whistles Winter Window display idea

The next window display concept I came up with was for Whistles. I decided to focus on the Christmas season, thinking of how it can be put in place before Christmas and throughout the season. The main concept here was 'theatrical' - and the idea of people dressing up for a special occasion.

Window display Fred Perry Autumn

Here I decided to produce a window celebrating the withstanding classic and iconic items that Fred Perry have sold since the very beginning.  The idea behind this is to create an archive visual. The logo is fully created between both hanging props.

Window design Topshop

 I set myself a task to come up with creative ideas for window display designs. 
I broke it up into 4 categories Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 
Here is the 'Summer' window idea, I chose to focus on the theme of 'festivals'

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wooden broaches

 After alot of sanding, screen printing and hard work I have completed a batch of broaches!

Urban Outfitters

Guildford Urban Outfitters have kindly put a couple of my prints up in their store!